ACDSee Light EQ Technology

When it comes to lighting adjustments, you have found yourself the right software. Not only does ACDSee have a range of lighting tools, allowing you to approach your adjustment from a variety of angles, but we are also known for our patented lighting technology called Light EQ.

How Does Light EQ Work?

This technology makes it possible to adjust lighting in specific areas in images without affecting other areas. You can simultaneously lighten dark areas that are too dark and darken areas that are too bright. If the foreground subject is backlit, you can easily lighten that subject up without blowing out the background. For a quick adjustment, this Light EQ technology can be found in Edit mode’s 1-Step lighting tool, which makes it possible for users to merely open an image and have it intuitively improved automatically.

Light EQ technology also powers View mode’s Auto EQ. This tool allows for users to press the Auto EQ button and view their image with an automatic exposure boost commitment-free. What does commitment-free mean? It means that you can see what your image would look like with responsive lighting correction without saving the correction or even entering Edit mode. This makes it easy to determine which images in your collection could benefit from adjustment as you browse, expediting your cataloging and organizing process.



Light EQ, one of the lighting tools found in Edit mode, works like a sound equalizer but with light. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of different tone bands (areas of relative brightness or darkness) independently using a slider for each tone band. A graph shows the amount of brightening or darkening applied throughout the tonal range of your image. The gradient on each slider indicates a tone band, which you may choose to darken or lighten by moving it up or down. However, before doctoring on a finer level, you can simply press the Auto button. Light EQ technology automatically analyzes the image and lightens or darkens accordingly, taking out all of the heavy lifting. After, only a few minor tweaks, if any, are necessary.

We can see our before and after by pressing the Show Previous button at the bottom left of the image.



How easy was that? With a couple clicks, images with serious lighting issues become radiant!

Watch our Light EQ video for a step-by-step tutorial.


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