Where it All Started

In the 1980s, imaging visionary, Doug Vandekerkhove foresaw the convergence of analog and digital media, and in 1993 he founded ACD Systems International Inc. to answer the call of photographers everywhere. Today, ACD Systems holds seven patents, has products translated into eleven languages, and has produced millions of ACDSee products in use in every corner of the globe. ACD Systems develops revolutionary software in offices in the United States, China, and Canada.

Did you know: ACD Systems was one of the original pioneers of online sales.

ACD Systems became a public company in 1999. It was first listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2000, and then became a private company in 2007.

Did you know: One of our co-ops eventually rose to become the CTO. Every year, ACD Systems supports dozens of university co-ops in their quest for experience in software development.

Also born in the 80s, Deneba Software created Canvas for the Mac platform. In 1993, Deneba released the first Canvas for Windows, and it was a runaway success. In 2003, ACD Systems and Deneba merged.

Did you know: ACDSee software was used to serve the complex, large-scale image management needs in the creation of the 1997 blockbuster, Titanic.

In recent years, ACD Systems has branched into image editing apps on a variety of mobile platforms. Each year we continue to augment our ever-expanding product family with solutions for professional and amateur photographers, businesses, graphic artists, technical illustrators, and everyone in between.

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