Feature Comparison: VS / Video Editor



Luxea Video Editor 5

Luxea Video Editor 6

Unlimited Free Plan with short intro/outro but no watermarks
Unlimited Free Plan with watermarks
Redesigned Video Production Assistant
Customizable templates for the Production Assistant
Production rendering progress preview with sound notification
Single input recording such as webcam-only in Video Recorder
Screen record a targeted window
Set a recording duration in the Video Recorder
Option to change the video recording quality in Video Recorder
Option to not open Luxea after using Video Recorder
Add mouse-click effects to screen recording
Create MP4 files in real-time with the Video Recorder
Add Markers to the Timeline
Color LUT opacity
Add custom and preset text styles
Import free content packs with special features
View playback in full screen
Produce videos at 7 different frame rates including 60fps
Detach display area for multi-screen editing
Reduce playback quality for faster editing
Create timelapse videos
Produce to preset dimensions for Instagram and TikTok videos
Zoom out to see multiple hours of elements on the Timeline
Rotation available for x, y, and z axes
Add animations
Add overlays
Add Color LUTs
Control the speed and duration of clips
Create freeze frames
Share to Vimeo
Export as a GIF
Add behaviors
Crop media
Blur out specific parts of media
Take snapshots of your media
Create layered hierarchy of audio, video, and image tracks
Support for still images
Separate audio and video in one click
Add filters to images and videos
Tracks independent of media type
Split, cut, copy, paste, move, align
Webcam and screen recording
Include a timestamp or watermark
Preview in dynamic, resizable area
Add transitions
Streamlined interface
Share on social media from inside the application
Produce in 4K
Hardware acceleration
Record system audio
Add captions

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