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Organizer and Batch Processing

5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

Like the ability to easily organize and view images. Quick loading of preview, even on large images, with many ways to tag and organize. Able to manipulate and print multiple images with labels or other information. Gives access to full range of file/image attributes. Batch processing allows both reformatting image (e.g. resize or change format) and file name manipulation. Does back up of images or attribute information.

Lucas K.

I often recommend ACDSee

5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

I take thousands of photographs a year and I have found that ACDsee is not only the easiest photo editing software to use, but in many instances outweighs Adobe Photoshop in my opinion. I have Photoshop but still use ACDsee and recommend it to all my friends. I’m a bit obsessive about how I name my files, and ACDsee makes it so easy for me to name and number all my images. My favorite features in ACDsee are bringing up shadows, which is does very well, sharpness and noise reduction are excellent, as is saturate, and something I don’t even think Photoshop does, it crops to the original dimensions if you rotate a photo, so there’s no blank corners. The features of ACDsee are more than even I use, but I’ve turned lots of beginners onto this program, and you can just use those features as needed. Oh, and if you use Develop mode, you can save and save and save, and at any time revert back to your original photo or even just change one setting back. I might have made a hundred changes and the next day I look and feel I added too much color saturation so I can just adjust that while keeping all other changes. Really, I love ACDsee Photo Studio. I also constantly review the settings I used in my photos, which are easily visible in ACDsee, and then I know what settings to use in similar situations in the future. I have settings for Disneyland rides, dark rides, fast rides, indoor stage shows, night parades, etc.

Eric F.

"I have used ACDSee as my prime processing software since 2008, and it keeps getting better!"

5.0 rating
October 26, 2020

ACDSee is the, fastest, most intuitive and comprehensive, stand alone image processing software available for PC in my humble opinion. I have evaluated a vast array of image processing software over the years and ACDSee remains my main software. Everything is to hand and there is no need for hunting around in hedden sub menus to find the adjustment that you are looking for. The RAW processing is second to none, producing smooth well rendered output. Tonal and colour adjustments are very comprehensive and making profiles is easy and straight forward to implement . Additional imaging programs like Portrait-pro, Neat-image, Paint.net and Topaz adjust can easily be integrated into ACDSee adding a whole raft of additional functionality.

Meagan P.