ACDSee Photo Studio Professional

+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version (22/May/2024)

!! Fixed the SendPix commands not appearing in Manage and View mode if the SendPix application was not installed.
!! Fixed cosmetic issues in the Masking group in Develop mode when switching between certain files.

Version (24/April/2024)

+ Added RAW support for the following camera models:
Canon EOS R100
Fujifilm X100VI
Hasselblad CFV 100C/907x
Nikon Zf
OM System Tough TG-7
Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9 II
Panasonic LUMIX DC-GH6
Panasonic LUMIX DC-S5II
Panasonic LUMIX DC-S5IIX
Sony a9 III
+ Added a new command to force metadata to be embedded on files which do not have the Embed Pending flag set.
o Updated the IDE_WEBP.apl plugin to fix potential security issues.
o Updated the Embed ACDSee Metadata options to require selecting at least one type of metadata to embed.
!! Fixed an issue that could cause Manage mode to freeze when browsing HEVC/High Efficiency video shot on iPhone 15.
Known issue: In View mode, while playing HEVC videos shot on iPhone 15, moving the playhead will cause the video player to freeze. The application will not freeze and you will be able to switch to another file or leave View mode to recover. We have reported this issue to Microsoft as it appears to be outside of our control.
!! Fixed multiple crashes related to developed files.
!! Fixed a crash when viewing certain animated GIFs.
!! Fixed a crash caused by embedding updated ACDSee Face Data in some cases.
!! Fixed an issue in Media mode that could cause thumbnails to be rebuilt unnecessarily.
!! Fixed an issue with Develop mode Gradient masks that could cause the Feathering slider to behave unpredictably.
!! Fixed an issue that prevented using a keyboard shortcut to undo the Paste Mask command in Develop mode.
!! Fixed a rare case where a developed file with masks could fail to generate a thumbnail in Manage mode or display an error message when selected.
!! Fixed Import Options incorrectly affecting several Quick Search options in certain cases.
!! Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause artifacts to appear in Batch Edit.
!! Fixed a text issue in Photomerge.
!! Fixed a cosmetic issue in Develop mode related to the 1:1 preview.
!! Fixed a cosmetic issue with the brush preview in Develop mode.

Version (18/October/2023)

!! Fixed an issue that could cause ACDSee Keywords not to retain their hierarchy when embedded.

Version (4/October/2023)

!! Fixed a crash caused by specific Embed ACDSee Metadata settings.
!! Fixed an issue that could cause ACDSee Keywords and Categories to retain their hierarchy when embedded to IPTC.
!! Fixed a keyboard shortcut not working correctly with some selection tools in Edit mode.
!! Fixed an issue that caused the Keywords pane not to display contents in some cases.
!! Corrected a cosmetic issue with Pixel Targeting in Develop mode.
!! Fixed a crash caused by browsing RAWs developed with specific settings in ACDSee 2023.
!! Corrected a text bug in Database Conversion.
!! Fixed an issue that caused some View mode keyboard shortcuts to be lost.


Version (20/September/2023)

+ AI Keywords, effortlessly organize and search for your photos using AI detected keywords for your images.
+ Embed ACDSee Keywords and Categories into IPTC Keywords and Supplemental Categories. Easily transfer your Keywords and Categories from ACDSee into IPTC and vice versa.
+ Filter the ACDSee Categories and Keywords lists in the Properties pane to quickly find what you want.
+ Automatic Import Options, import your options from ACDSee Photo Studio 2022 or newer.
+ AI Select Sky, Subject, and Background in Develop Mode for non-destructive editing.
+ New Masking Group in Develop Mode, find all your masking tools in one convenient place.
+ Copy and paste masks in Develop Mode, as well as duplicate masks, and convert masks into a Brush mask.
+ AI Select Background in Edit Mode, easily select the background of any image with a single click.
+ AI Select Sky and Subject have been added to Edit Mode.
+ Brush Settings for Flow, Opacity, and Jitter in Edit Mode.
o In People Mode, added an option to display a thumbnail and customizable metadata fields when hovering over a face thumbnail.
o Overhauled the Embed ACDSee Metadata process. Simplified the options and added the ability to skip the options and summary page.
o Added RAW support for 21 new camera models.
o Added or updated 150+ cameras and lenses in the Lens Correction feature.
o Improved Auto Category for ISO by increasing its ISO max range up to 102401+.
o Improved performance for Category Browsing: Selecting “include subcategories” no longer makes browsing run considerably slower.
o Improved performance when Expanding All on a large ACDSee Category or Keyword list.
o Improved HDR to remember the last preset used.
o Added support for Display P3 color profile on HEIC/HEIF images.
o Improved support for Google Pixel DNGs.
o Improved support for HEIC and added support for HIF files.
!! Fixed an issue where Imported Date was not visibly read-only.
!! Fixed an issue where the results from Advanced Search were being unnecessarily re-scanned.
!! Fixed an issue where page orientation settings wouldn’t be saved after printing.
!! Fixed an issue in Photomerge – Panorama where clicking Auto-Crop would also select the checkbox for !! Remove Vignetting.
!! Fixed an issue when after uploading to Flickr, a Page not Found error would appear.
!! Fixed an issue that would cause uploading to SmugMug to stop working.

Version (2/November/2022)

!! Fixed an issue where on first launch on a non-English locale OS, the application did not launch correctly.
!! Fixed an issue where Quick Search Options Import from 2022 to 2023 always turned off ‘Include ACDSee Metadata’ and ‘Include ACDSee Keywords’ options.
!! Fixed performance issues under specific circumstances while browsing local OneDrive folders.
!! Fixed an issue where the Properties pane displayed incorrect date if a file was missing Database Date.
!! Fixed an issue where Media mode panes were hidden after restarting the application.
!! Fixed an issue where Media mode navigation arrows were unable to go to the previous group in a certain scenario.
!! Fixed an issue where local adjustments made in Develop mode using Pixel Targeting on Raw files did not show up in other modes.
!! Fixed an issue where hitting the Done button in Face Edit filter didn’t exit the filter at certain DPIs.
!! Fixed an issue where the sliders in Face Edit filter disappeared while resizing the application window.
!! Fixed a resource allocation issue in Pixel Targeting.

Version (21/September/2022)

+ Shape Selection Tool, use the Shape Selection Tool to make complicated selections with curves and corners.
+ Panorama Stitching, combine photos into a panorama image. Use options like remove vignetting to clean up the edges where the photos meet.
+ HDR, run High-Dynamic Range (HDR) to bring out the details in both the foreground and background.
+ Focus Stacking, apply Focus Stack to create an image with unparalleled depth of field
+ ACDSee Photomerge, quickly combine multiple images into one using a dedicated and streamlined UI. This includes Panorama Stitching, HDR, and Focus Stacking.
+ Advanced AND/OR Search, choose from numerous search criteria, including ACDSee Metadata and EXIF & IPTC fields. Built-in logic for AND/OR states let you narrow down results to a microscopic level.
+ With the newly designed Quick Search, you can now quickly perform more complex searches. Select from a variety of search types such as Contains All, Contains Any, or Starts with and Ends with.
+ ACDSee SendPix™, share your photos with family and friends.
+ Import Options, import your options from ACDSee Photo Studio 2022.
o Added RAW support for 18 new camera models.
o Added the Properties pane to Media mode, allowing you to assign and read ACDSee Metadata, EXIF, and IPTC. Also made other UI improvements.
o MS OneDrive™ and ACDSee integration improvements: Keep your OneDrive™ files online until you are ready to view or edit them, then download individual files or whole folders.
o MS OneDrive™ and ACDSee integration improvements: Easily move files from your PC into OneDrive™, and control whether OneDrive™ keeps local copies or offloads them to the cloud.
o Added New Develop mode Presets for Food photography and Vintage styling.
o Improved Quick Search and Advanced Search performance. Now faster than ever!
o WebP file format, added support for transparent and animated WebP files.
o Added support for different types of RAW files from the Nikon D6.
o Improved support for TIFF files including fixing blue and yellow color swap in some cases.
o Added 100+ cameras and lenses to the lens correction feature.
!! Fixed a grouping bug in Media mode; images and videos without EXIF Date/Time Original now fall back to grouping by Date Modified.
!! Fixed an issue where HEIC files appear blurry in a slideshow.
!! Fixed an issue where ACDSee did not decode Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV RAW files with the square setting.
!! Fixed a bug where the comma in the GPS coordinates is stripped out after you reload the same search.
!! Fixed a bug where you couldn’t delete a snapshot for certain file types after you develop the image.
!! Fixed a few random crashes in Develop mode.
!! Fixed a bug where clicking and dragging a preview in Develop mode while rotated results in a crash.

Version (13/April/2022)

!! Fixed keyboard shortcuts not working after the Map pane is opened.
!! Fixed a rare crash in People mode while grouping unnamed faces.
!! Corrected color display for the midtones color picker in Edit mode Levels filter.

Version (23/March/2022)

o Added RAW support for 3 new camera models.
o Added support for lossless compressed shooting mode with the Sony a1.
o Updated the Map pane, in-app cart, and in-app user portal to use Microsoft Edge WebView2 in place of Internet Explorer.
o Improved output of Noise Reduction on Windows 8.1, 8, and 7.
!! Fixed a color issue with certain .tif files.
!! Fixed an issue that prevented certain multipage .tif files from displaying all pages in View mode.
!! Fixed a crash related to People mode thumbnail generation.
!! Fixed an issue where database backup could fail if backing up a large amount of face data.

Version (22/September/2021)

+ People mode, putting a name to a face just got easier with an AI-driven mode for identifying and managing people in your portfolio.
+ Media mode, browse and filter at lightning speed with ACDSee’s new database-driven view for accessing previously browsed folders in Manage mode and cataloged folders.
+ Support for SVG file format has been added to ACDSee Photo Studio 2022. Only supported on Windows 10 and 11.
+ Channel Selection, make selections based on an image’s Color Information Channels.
+ Pixel Targeting in Develop mode allows for the selection of distinct tones, colors, and skin tones.
+ Color Wheel has been added to Pixel Targeting, allowing for precise adjustment of an image’s colors.
+ Squareness slider added to Radial Gradients for customizing the shape of the radial gradient selection.
+ Luminance Range targets luminance for the selection of distinct tones, colors, and skin tones.
+ Added Noise Reduction to the Develop mode Develop Brush for brushing noise reduction on parts of an image.
o Added RAW support for 17 new camera models.
o ACDSee 2022 can now decode and develop compressed Fuji X-S10 RAW file.
o High ISO support added for Canon, Nikon, Pentax & Sony.
o Selection Preview Button, preview the selection mask with one click.
o Improved Noise Reduction, a new algorithm under the hood, plus Luminance and Tone sliders for greater results.
o Improved Curve Control with precise curve control through numerical display of curve points.
o Improved Gradient Control with greater control over linear and radial gradient edges.
o Added more cameras and lenses to the lens correction feature.
!! Batch Rename default preset uses the name from the first file in the batch.
!! Fixed a problem with Fuji X-3 RAW file appearing to be a bit darker in Develop mode.