ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6.0

Release Notes

Build 6.0.1484

New Features

  • Direct access to iCloud Drive in Folders pane
  • View Recent Folders
  • Import/export keyword lists
  • Create keyword and category sets, comes pre-loaded with usable sample keyword sets
  • Saved Searches available in the Organize pane with one click
  • New Special Items (search for images with Embed Pending, No Keywords, or for Videos with one click)
  • Copy and paste metadata
  • Rebuild Thumbnails and Metadata tool
  • Embed Pending Flag identifies files with metadata to embed
  • Can set Embed Pending Reminder
  • Can embed metadata in all files at once
  • Easy-Select arrows in Manage mode make it possible to select multiple folders at once, and search combinations of metadata fields at once


  • App launch time is faster
  • Folder browse performance is faster
  • File list scrolling performance is better
  • Quick Search performance is faster
  • Display thumbnails of PDFs
  • Display thumbnails of Affinity Photo .afphoto files (Affinity Photo required)
  • Search by file metadata, such as file size, location, type, date modified, date created
  • In the Batch Copy tool, copy to a subfolder within the original folder
  • Recently used destination folders are remembered in Batch, Import tool
  • Manage Batch Presets from within the Batch Workflow window
  • Full screen available in Develop mode
  • Copy and delete files in Develop mode
  • Show/hide the Filmstrip in View and Develop mode
  • Better handling of keyboard shortcut conflicts
  • Tap the spacebar to view selected files in Quick Look
  • Press Command + right arrow key in the Properties pane to apply metadata and advance to the next photo in a single motion (or left to go to previous)
  • In the ACDSee Metadata Properties pane, the Keywords input field auto-complete feature now supports hierarchical keywords
  • Assign custom keyboard shortcuts to newly created commands (e.g. run a Batch Preset or apply a Develop Preset) without app restart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where metadata could not be written to sidecar file if HEIC file format
  • Fixed an issue where modifying, then running a saved batch preset would modify the saved preset
  • Fixed an issue where the display format of certain metadata values (e.g. Exposure Time) was incorrect for some images
  • Fixed an issue where commands were disabled after renaming a file
  • Fixed an issue where file size reported by ACDSee was calculated differently than in Finder
  • Fixed an issue where the Map would only show pins of geotagged images for a single folder even if multiple folders were selected
  • Fixed an issue where opening an image in View or Develop mode would fail if the image was on a removable drive and previously detected as offline
  • Fixed an issue where the output file size of a Batch Resize operation may be larger than necessary

Known Issues

  • In the File List pane, file type icon is missing if file type is .afphoto.
  • Assigning metadata via the Batch tool fails if preceded by a Move or Copy action.
  • Embedding ACDSee Metadata may fail if file type is PNG.
  • When embedding ACDSee Metadata, or writing GPS or Reverse Geocode info to many files, a delay may occur before the operation begins.
  • Search by EXIF Shutter Speed Value returns incorrect results. Workaround: search by EXIF Exposure Time.
  • Image doesn’t fit display when app moved to another monitor and Full Screen enabled.
  • File List items are sorted by name if items are uncataloged and sort method is based on EXIF or IPTC metadata.
  • Find Duplicates tool doesn’t work with iCloud Drive.
  • Restore Database will not begin if the database to be restored is currently open. Workaround: close all apps that are using the database to be restored.
  • Disconnecting an iOS device while importing will crash ACDSee.
  • Move to Trash will not work on images stored on cameras.
  • Batch Copy and Batch Move will not work for images stored on cameras.
  • PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) not supported.
  • Develop mode changes are not remembered when group is deactivated.
  • No method available to view RGB values while using Eye Dropper to set White Balance.
  • Cannot copy read-only EXIF metadata values to the clipboard.
  • Cannot read any ACDSee Metadata embedded in BMP, CUR, DDS, EXR, GIF, HDR, ICO, JP2, MEF, PBM, PSD, or TGA.
  • Batch Copy operation hangs when Place in subfolder option enabled, “Date” token added to the Name, and date format includes slash character (“/”). Workaround: In System Preferences > Language & Region > Advanced… > Dates, remove “/” from the desired format.
  • Import ignores video portion of Live Photos.
  • Keyword/Category assignment may fail if target is unscanned image basket item.
  • ACDSee will not function correctly if the ACDSee database is locked or read-only.
  • ACDSee does not support multiple clients connecting to the same database. ACDSee will become unresponsive if trying to connect to a database that is already open in another instance of ACDSee.
  • Status bar count may be wrong if empty smart folder selected.
  • Watermark tool Center button doesn’t center watermark for all images in the Batch if images are different sizes.
  • Running Batch Add Watermark while an unsupported image is in preview does not apply watermark.
  • Compare Images Active View is empty if selected image is an orphan.
  • Startup time may be impacted if Image Basket contains many items.
  • External Editors feature does not support images on cameras.
  • Keyboard shortcuts assigned to commands that can be renamed, (such as Categories, Batch Presets, External Editors), need to be re-assigned if command is renamed.
  • On macOS 10.14 and 10.15, writing a Spotlight Comment fails with error “Source file not found”.
  • Adding media files (e.g. audio, video files) to Image Basket is not supported.
  • The folder tree fails to refresh after cut/paste or drag-and-drop Move operations. Workaround: View > Refresh Folders Pane (option + command + R).
  • PSD files cannot be placed on the Map.


  • It’s highly recommended to embed ACDSee Metadata prior to importing or restoring a database from a previous version of ACDSee.
  • When importing a previous version’s database, please ensure the previous version of the application is closed.
  • Importing a previous version’s database may cause the Date Modified timestamp to update but does not modify the actual contents of the database.
  • In macOS 10.15 Catalina, apps require permission before directly accessing files in certain folders and external volumes. Please allow ACDSee to access files when prompted, or as follows: go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Files and Folders, find ACDSee, and check the applicable boxes.
  • ACDSee writes metadata to a sidecar file in a hidden subfolder relative to the original file if filetype is HEIC

System Requirements

To activate your software, to validate your subscriptions, or to access online services, you will need a valid email address and an internet connection.

Mac computer with an Intel® processor
4 GB RAM (6 GB RAM recommended)

macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Mojave (10.14) or macOS Catalina (10.15)


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