ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac

+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version (December/06/2023) 

o General stability improvements.
!! Fixed an issue in People mode where suggestions could get associated with the incorrect person in certain workflows (example: when renaming an incorrect suggestion).
!! Fixed an issue in People mode where the esc key failed to cancel editing of a name.
!! Fixed an issue where attempting to reactivate a previously deactivated lifetime license could result in a “Not Authorized” error.
!! Fixed cosmetic issues with the mode bar buttons.

Version (November/15/2023) 

+ People mode, putting a name to a face just got easier with an AI-driven mode for identifying and managing people in your portfolio.
+ Media mode, browse and filter at lightning speed with ACDSee’s new database-driven view for accessing previously browsed folders in Manage mode and cataloged folders.
!! Fixed an issue in the Import tool where the date format of the day was not zero-padded when importing to a subfolder based on today’s date.

Version 9.3.2859 (September/26/2023)

+ Added support for macOS 14 Sonoma.

Version 9.2.2740 (January/5/2023)

!! Fixed a crash that could occur on launch if the start folder contained an alias file or symbolic link with an abnormal target path.

Version 9.1.2689 (November/16/2022)

!! Fixed an intermittent crash that could occur when switching between Manage and View mode with background face detection active.
!! Fixed an issue where memory may not be released quickly enough when rapidly browsing RAW images in View mode.
!! Fixed an issue where double-clicking a video didn’t open it with its associated application.

Version 9.0.2673 (November/9/2022)

+ Face Detection and Recognition, find the humans in your photographs so you can name them for quick searching. ACDSee will immediately learn which names to put to which faces and suggest possible matches when needed. Save time and energy when migrating from Lightroom™ or Picasa™ by importing your face data directly into ACDSee.
+ Develop Presets, take advantage of easily accessible Presets and apply a variety of adjustments in a single click. The addition of over 50 new Develop presets – like Moonlit and Summer – will help you find your signature style; or you can create and save your own Develop presets.
+ Develop mode History tool, view a list of each step you took in Develop mode to reach your image’s current edited state. Keep an eye on each adjustment you made or click on a specific edit and take the image right back to that step.
+ Snapshots, save sets of modifications that can be applied to the image at any time. Save multiple Snapshots and experiment with different looks by easily switching between your Snapshots.
+ Filter Keyword & Category Lists, narrow down your long keyword and category lists quickly and easily. You also have the option to expand or collapse all keyword and category lists in Manage mode.
+ Info Palette and Histogram Pane in Manage Mode, use the Info Palette to easily view important information about your image such as exposure, dimensions, and file size. Get a graphical perspective of the distribution of light in your images with the new Histogram pane.
+ Metadata Removal, easily remove EXIF, IPTC and ACDSee metadata from your images with the click of a button in Manage mode.
+ Improved View Mode, new to View mode is the “Show Original” button, used to quickly preview what your image looked like pre-processing and get a better sense of what adjustments you’ve made. Preview image Snapshots you took in Develop mode, as well as access a handy Info Palette that has been added to the Filmstrip pane.
+ Improved HEIC Support, in addition to viewing HEIC files, you can now save files in the HEIC file format to allow for more compression and better image quality than JPG. ACDSee also now writes all metadata (EXIF, IPTC, ACDSee) directly to HEIC files rather than using an XMP sidecar file.
o Added options to view the Organize pane Calendar by Date Taken, Database Date, File Modified Date, or File Created Date.
o Improved Video Thumbnails, get a better glimpse of your video with 4-frame preview thumbnails.
o More Slideshow Transitions, turn your images into a captivating Slideshow using fun new transitions such as Water Drop, Crosswarp, or Dreamy.
o Save As menu now remembers your last used settings.
o Doubled the range of the Exposure setting in Develop mode from +/-2 to +/-4.
o Develop presets can now be selectively imported and exported.
o New Client Sign-up, use your Apple ID, Google, or Microsoft account to sign-up effortlessly and get the most out of your ACDSee software.

Version 8.2.2634 (October/26/2022)

+ Added support for macOS 13 Ventura!! Fixed a performance issue when browsing cataloged items on shared volumes via the Organize pane.

Version 8.1.2323 (December/13/2021)

+ Added two new Color LUTs in Develop mode: Tinsel and Toile. !! Fixed a crash when browsing an excluded removable device. This issue occurred on macOS 12.1 only due to an Apple change. !! Fixed an issue where ACDSee would become unresponsive when attempting to replace the original file via the Save As panel. This issue occurred on macOS 12.1 only due to an Apple change. !! Fixed an issue where the dialog to embed ACDSee metadata could become unresponsive if left open for too long. !! Fixed an issue where ACDSee could become unlicensed if restarted and the ACDSee Mobile Sync app was open on multiple mobile devices.

Version 8.0.2283 (November/10/2021)

+ With widespread performance gains, ACDSee Photo Studio 8 is a Universal app that runs natively on Macs with an Apple Silicon chip.
+ Use the ACDSee Mobile Sync app to wirelessly and instantly send photos and videos directly to ACDSee Photo Studio 8 from your iOS or Android mobile device.
+ With the ACDSee Indexer, background indexing of your assets occurs while the computer is idle, keeping the ACDSee database up-to-date automatically.
+ Filmstrip View provides a full-size view of your photos in Manage mode while you browse and organize.
+ Navigator is used to zoom into an image and quickly pan around it for up-close viewing and editing in View and Develop modes.
+ The Color Wheel in Develop mode intuitively targets adjustments to specific color ranges in your image. Accurately brightens grey skies and dull reflections.
+ Tone Wheels in Develop mode make easy work of split-toning highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.
+ Color LUTs in Develop mode apply unique effects with a single click. Choose from eight default Color LUTs or import new ones for unlimited potential.
+ Dehaze in Develop mode restores contrast, detail, and lost color to your images. Especially useful for images that have been captured through a haze.
+ Skin Tune in Develop mode evens tones by brightening, smoothing, and restoring your subject’s glow.
+ Color EQ Contrast/Balance in Develop mode further manipulates image contrast using the new Contrast and Contrast Balance adjustments in the Color EQ tool.
o Color picker tools in Develop mode now display RGB color values of pixels for precise color selection.
o Improved performance when cataloging a folder with many subfolders via the Catalog Folders tool.
o Added a Zoom Lock button in View mode to lock zoom level while browsing images in View Mode.
o An improved and modernized GUI that fits seamlessly into the macOS environment for better visual consistency and usability.
o Encodable images edited by ACDSee on Windows or iOS devices and sent via Mobile Sync are now recognized, allowing the edits to be reverted or committed.