ACDSee Luxea Video Editor

+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version (January/18/2023)

!! Fixed an issue with the Purchase page not displaying correctly. 

Version (March/16/2022)

o Replaced the application’s embedded web browser with Microsoft Edge WebView2. 
!! Fixed an issue where the option to share link on Twitter when uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo did not prepare the Tweet properly. 

Version (May/20/2021)

Production Assistant:
+ New redesigned Production Assistant, including output templates
+ New rendering progress GUI with a preview and sound reminder when rendering completes
o Removed watermark for free users

Video Recorder:
+ Added the ability to record mouse-click effects, including click animations and sound
+ Added the ability to set recording duration
+ Added the ability to set recording quality (e.g., Normal, Better, and Best)
+ Added the ability to record from a single input: Webcam, Microphone, System Audio, and Screen
+ Added the ability to record a target window
+ Added the ability to not start Luxea Video Editor after a recording session
o Real-time MP4 video generation while capturing video and audio
!! Fixed mouse flickering in the output video
!! Fixed the recorder setting panel not being able to expand while recording

Video Editor:
+ Added markers in timeline (including the ability to set a title, description, and color for each marker)
+ Added an opacity slider for Color LUTs

General Usability:
o Improved usability for timeline operations (e.g., auto-select after a split)
!! Fixed Luxea crashes when removing a freeze frame after an undo operation, which resulted in deleting the adjusted clip speed value
!! Fixed a bug that allowed the Delete key to remove the entire media from Timeline when deleting audio points
!! Fixed a bug that occurred when freeze frames added to video clips did not update project duration next to the progress bar