LUXEA Pro Video Editor

+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version (February/14/2024)

General usability:
!! Fixed an issue that could cause the parent folder of a custom install location to be deleted when LUXEA is uninstalled.
!! In non-English languages, fixed an issue that could cause application text to be in English when LUXEA is installed to certain custom install locations.

Video Editor:
!! Fixed an issue that could cause export templates to be missing when LUXEA is installed to certain custom install locations.
!! In non-English languages, fixed English text that could appear when searching for media.
!! In non-English languages, fixed English text in the Timeline context menu.
!! In Japanese language, fixed a text alignment issue in the Content Pack Manager.

Video Recorder:
!! Fixed a rare crash that could be caused by resizing the webcam preview window.
!! Fixed several workflows related to resizing the webcam preview window that could cause the preview to temporarily freeze.
!! In Japanese language, fixed a cosmetic issue at some display scales.

Version (October/25/2023)

!! Fixed incorrectly-localized text in some languages.

Version (October/4/2023)

+ Added Japanese language support.
!! Fixed an issue where the Uniform Scale setting in Video Properties was not retained after reloading project.

Version (August/25/2023)

Video Recorder:
!! Fixed a performance issue where the Screen Recorder “Select Recording Area” tool could cause lag while active.
!! Fixed an issue where the Screen Recorder “Mouse Highlight” effect wouldn’t work if recording on a non-main display.

Video Editor:
o Added the ability to turn off “maintain audio pitch” when applying Speed Ramping.
o Added a graphic in the Source monitor when playing and pre-editing audio.
o Export Templates and Text Presets from Luxea 6 are now automatically imported when LUXEA Pro 7 is first run.
!! Fixed a performance issue where playback during editing could momentarily pause or “dip” when decoding certain video clips.
!! Fixed an issue where relinking media would fail if the project was created in a previous version of LUXEA.
!! Fixed an issue where the size and position of custom text was not being saved.
!! Fixed a crash that could occur in certain time zones only when the media library contained an orphan item and was grouped by modified time.
!! Fixed an issue where a freeze frame applied to a small video clip (320×320 or less) would show an empty frame.
!! Fixed an issue with the Freeze Frame tool where the wrong frame would be frozen if reverse speed was applied.
!! Fixed an issue where panoramic images were not initially centered when added to the video.
!! Fixed an issue where button tooltips failed to appear if on a secondary monitor of different size.

General usability:
+ Added German and French localization. Choose your language at install time. You can also download language packs via the in-app Pack Manager, and switch language at any time via Options > Language.

Version (Jun/14/2023)

Video Recorder:
+ New GUI design
+ Added an auto stop function in the recorder
+ Added the ability to dynamically record and generate audio clips in sync with the timeline while playing video

Video Editor:
+ New GUI design
+ Added the ability to customize the workspace – panels can be docked and undocked, moved, and resized
+ Added the ability to save and manage multiple workspaces
+ Added the ability to sort, group, and search for assets in your library
+ Added the ability to share media files among all projects
+ Added more options for adding media to the timeline such as Append, Overwrite, and Add to New Track
+ Added a new Elements pane
+ Added the ability to mark assets as Favorites
+ Added the ability to relink media
+ Added the ability to edit properties using Keyframes
+ Added advanced Speed controls
+ Added the ability to hide parts of your media via masking
+ Added an audio meter
+ Added the ability to adjust left/right channel audio
+ Added an audio Equalizer
+ Added the ability to add captions with time codes and control the text’s Font, Size, Style, Color, Alignment and Positions
+ Added the ability to copy and paste specified properties from one media item to others
+ Added the ability to import captions from SRT files
+ Added the ability to pre-edit media before adding it to the timeline
o Added support for DNG and TiFF files
o Added the ability to add keyframes for all filter properties
o Updated Freeze Frames to support more properties
o Updated all Text properties to support keyframes
o Updated saved custom text to support keyframes
!! Fixed a crash that occurred if a second project was opened while the first one was still loading

General usability:
+ Added a Home Screen to organize and manage projects
+ Added a Content Pack Manager
+ Added a Keyboard Shortcuts Manager

Version (January/18/2023)

!! Fixed an issue with the Purchase page not displaying correctly.

Version (March/16/2022)

o Replaced the application’s embedded web browser with Microsoft Edge WebView2.
!! Fixed an issue where the option to share link on Twitter when uploading a video to YouTube or Vimeo did not prepare the Tweet properly.

Version (May/20/2021)

Production Assistant:
+ New redesigned Production Assistant, including output templates
+ New rendering progress GUI with a preview and sound reminder when rendering completes
o Removed watermark for free users

Video Recorder:
+ Added the ability to record mouse-click effects, including click animations and sound
+ Added the ability to set recording duration
+ Added the ability to set recording quality (e.g., Normal, Better, and Best)
+ Added the ability to record from a single input: Webcam, Microphone, System Audio, and Screen
+ Added the ability to record a target window
+ Added the ability to not start Luxea Video Editor after a recording session
o Real-time MP4 video generation while capturing video and audio
!! Fixed mouse flickering in the output video
!! Fixed the recorder setting panel not being able to expand while recording

Video Editor:
+ Added markers in timeline (including the ability to set a title, description, and color for each marker)
+ Added an opacity slider for Color LUTs

General Usability:
o Improved usability for timeline operations (e.g., auto-select after a split)
!! Fixed Luxea crashes when removing a freeze frame after an undo operation, which resulted in deleting the adjusted clip speed value
!! Fixed a bug that allowed the Delete key to remove the entire media from Timeline when deleting audio points
!! Fixed a bug that occurred when freeze frames added to video clips did not update project duration next to the progress bar