ACDSee Gemstone Photo Editor

+ New feature
o Enhancement
!! Bug fix

Version (September/01/2021)

+ ACDSee Quick Actions: quickly access your favorite features.
+ AI Background Deletion: easily delete various backgrounds in your photos.
+ Blur Background: create a cool blur effect on your photos’ backgrounds.
+ Black & White Background: give your photos a vintage look with B&W background.
+ Select Subject: easily select different subjects with one click.
o Create Color LUTs.
o Soft Proofing feature is now working correctly.
o Import and Export ACDSee RAW Presets.
o Frequency Separation feature is now working correctly.
o Loading a file into a stack now uses the largest width and height from the set of images used as the canvas’ new width and height dimensions.
o Home Screen features a new function to clear the recent file list.
o Added an option to see the file path as a tooltip for Tabs instead of the file name.
o When an image is on the clipboard, the new image dialog grabs the dimension of that image.
o Big performance gains when working with large and complex documents.
o Faster application startup.
o Faster RAW decoding performance.
!! Fixed a bug where after loading files as a stack and closing the tab, a Save prompt was not issued.
!! Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when closing Gemstone while files were being opened.
!! Fixed a bug that occurred when clicking Maintain Aspect Ratio when resizing, which shifted the Watermark icon down.
!! Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the current image tab and clicking any tool.
!! Fixed a bug that occurred when rotating an image with a text layer which caused that layer thumbnail to be positioned differently.
!! Fixed a bug that occurred when Panes moved to custom locations did not retain their location upon application restart.
!! Fixed a bug that sometimes occurred when Undo and Redo were hidden within filters.
!! Fixed a bug where the Source preview didn’t show in the cursor in the Repair Tool.
!! Fixed a bug when the Watermark and background were transparent when Apply Transparency was selected under Options. Now only the Watermark becomes transparent.
!! Fixed a bug where all the Auto options in Levels were greyed out and non-functioning.
!! Fixed a bug where filenames with certain special characters showed up incorrectly in the title bar.
!! Fixed a bug where Filters didn’t remember their size and position after restarting Gemstone.
!! Fixed a bug where the Save prompt didn’t appear when trying to close the application with uncommitted Move/Crop tool changes.
!! Fixed a bug where the Mask Properties pane would show up incorrectly when switching tools.
!! Fixed a bug where Keyboard shortcuts did not function for images in the child view.
!! Fixed a bug where the Ruler and Guidelines disappeared when opening a filter.
!! Fixed a problem where RAW images added as a layer didn’t go through ACDSee RAW.
!! Fixed a bug where the Layers Effect pane remained open when going to the Home screen.
!! Fixed a bug related to the Info Palette UI being cut off.
!! Fixed a bug where thumbnails were cut off in the ACDSee RAW filmstrip.
!! Fixed a bug where the filter settings were not center aligned horizontally.
!! Fixed a bug where loading files into stack used the filename of the first file. Now uses “untitled”.
!! Fixed various high DPI issues.
!! And fixed many other UI, workflow, and incorrect functionality bugs in Gemstone Beta 2.

Version (June/30/2021)

+ MDI (Multi Document Interface): Have multiple documents open at the same time; view or edit in split views or child views
+ Full layered editor: Achieve complex adjustments and effects and go back to tweak them at any time
+ Home Screen: Initial screen for starting new projects from templates, or for continuing previously opened projects
+ ACDSee RAW: Dedicated interface for editing RAW files using Tune, Detail, Geometry, and Repair tools
+ In ACDSee RAW added a Presets pane
+ In ACDSee RAW added a History pane
+ RAW support for over 500 camera models
+ Linking and unlinking masks
+ Introduced Color Wheel
+ Introduced Tone Wheels
+ Added Path Text
+ Added Frame Text
+ Added Refine Selection
+ Added GoPro .GPR file support
o Move and Crop tools are now non-destructive
o You can now Rotate to Crop
o You can now pan an image without needing to zoom in
o Improved watermark with relative positioning
o Added more lens correction profiles
o Big performance gains when working with large and complex documents
o Faster application startup
o Faster RAW decoding performance