ACDSee Photo Studio Beta 9 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added Display P3 as an output color space option
  • Added Copy, Paste commands to File List context menu
  • Added keyboard shortcut F to toggle Full Screen feature while in View mode
  • Added command View | Refresh Folders Pane to the app menu bar in Manage mode

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where Develop mode sliders are slow and jumpy if image is encodable
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where encoding a RAW image may cause incorrect output
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where RAW images may take too long to display in View mode
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where colors and histogram display incorrectly for some RAW images in Develop mode
  • Fixed a crash in 10.13 only when rotating a PSD image
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where advanced Save As options are not available
  • Fixed an issue on 10.13 only where White Balance eye dropper tool does not function for RAW images
  • Fixed an issue where Fit Image doesn't function as expected with smaller resolution images
  • Fixed an issue where Move operations (e.g. Move to Folder, New Folder with Selection) creates double-entries in DB, if move is cross-Volume
  • Fixed an issue where applying same Develop settings to RAW and JPG versions of same image produces different outputs
  • Fixed an issue where the File List becomes empty if showing a Smart Folder or Quick Search results and you move an item to trash or Delete Permanently
  • Fixed an issue where the Calendar count increments when cataloging a previously-cataloged item via Catalog Folders
  • Fixed an issue where items get double-counted in the Calendar if you import, then open the target folder, before the scan, after import completes
  • Fixed an issue where there was a mismatch between Calendar counts and number of items returned by Calendar Smart Folders
  • Fixed an issue where categories and keywords can be added to previously-scanned images on an excluded USB drive
  • Fixed an issue where Restore to Original fails and the Developed overlay icon is missing after you Rotate RAW image
  • Fixed an issue where text in Quick Search bar is hard to read while typing if app window is maximized
  • Fixed an issue where an extra thumbnail is temporarily shown in the file list GUI if you move or delete an item and File List is List View
  • Fixed an issue where no dialog is shown on Restore Database if database is incompatible
  • Fixed an issue where Rename in Finder causes filename/thumbnail mismatch in ACDSee
  • Fixed an issue where appending IPTC Keywords via Properties pane, with multiple files selected that have different keywords, destroys existing keywords
  • Fixed an issue where a target image's Develop settings are overwritten if a Develop Preset is applied, even if the current Develop settings of the target image are unchecked in the Develop Preset
  • Fixed an issue where Properties pane fields are blank and disabled after file operation and automatic selection
  • Fixed an issue where the Duplicate command is enabled by selection in folder tree but non-functional
  • Fixed an issue where List View column headers don't indicate sort direction
  • Fixed an issue where File List loses folder selection if a Favorites item is selected and another item added to Favorites
  • Fixed an issue where IPTC Core metadata may be missing from the ACDSee database if image is RAW and restored from ACDSee Mac Pro 3
  • Fixed an issue where custom sort order is not restored when restoring an ACDSee database from ACDSee Mac Pro 3
  • Fixed an issue where alias folder thumbnail is incorrect if Show Folders preference is disabled
  • Fixed an issue where memory is not released when using the Print command
  • Fixed an issue where Crop dimensions for inches, centimeters, or millimeters can't be manually entered
  • Fixed an issue where switching from Default Labels to Custom Label set does not change label colors
  • Fixed an issue where ACDSee becomes non-responsive when opening a folder via alias if the target has been moved to Trash
  • Fixed an issue where image thumbnails may fail to generate for large TIFF or PSD images on an external drive
  • Fixed an issue where changing File List filtering preferences causes File List to go blank
  • Fixed an issue where selecting non-adjacent Calendar items shows items that are in-between
  • Fixed an issue where selecting multiple smart folders performs an OR search instead of AND search
  • Fixed an issue where file operations on images fail after cancelling a Copy Folder operation
  • Fixed an issue where the application hangs when moving a large amount of files to another folder
  • Fixed an issue where on Save As, Batch Resize, and Change Format, ACDSee metadata of original image cannot be applied to output image
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the Eject button in the Folder Tree of a removable drive multiple times causes the drive to become the header of shared devices
  • Fixed an issue where RAW images appear blurry in Develop mode when not zoomed 1:1
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a folder in Finder re-scans the images in the folder
  • Fixed a crash when applying IPTC Extended Creator value if Creator value already exists and image is RAW
  • Fixed a crash if you Rotate or Develop a RAW that has IPTC Extended "Creator" value
  • Fixed an issue where some thumbnails remain in the File List after running Batch Rename and Move
  • Fixed an issue where restoring a rotated image to original in View mode displays a vertically compressed image
  • Fixed an issue where renaming a folder from Finder more than once while scanning causes blank thumbnails in the File List and the folder to not display in Manage mode
  • Fixed an issue where Sort options are missing from the Sort drop-down menu (image dimensions, orientation)
  • Fixed an issue where the application may hang when double-clicking Shared volumes
  • Fixed an issue where embedded Labels cannot be reassigned to a new color
  • Fixed an issue where Save As output is incorrect if you first Crop and Rotate the image
  • Fixed an issue where Spotlight comment is written incorrectly if target image is developed encodable
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor doesn't change when hovering over left part of image in Develop mode with Light EQ tool active, if monitor is Retina or above


  • Although we strive to maintain backward compatibility with previous Betas, please be aware this is Beta software. Future changes may occur which break compatibility with the current Beta release.

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  • Discuss your thoughts with the ACD Product Team
  • Report any issues you encounter

System Requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel® processor
  • 1GB RAM minimum, 2GB recommended
  • 100MB free hard drive space for installation
  • macOS 10.12 or higher