5 days holiday anywhere in North America

Travel and accommodation for 2 covered

Assignment pay of $1500

Thank you to everyone who participated in the ACDSee Photographer Spotlight contest. We were blown away by the number of talented photographers out there, and, thanks to you, the contest was a huge success.

Congratulations to this year’s winner of the ACDSee Photographer Spotlight, Helene Cyr.

Tell me about ACDSee’s Photographer Spotlight

We started our Photographer Spotlights as a way to give back to the photography community, and to give our users an opportunity to enhance their craft. We figured there’s no better way than to send them to inspiring places. The Photographer Spotlight is a contest where you simply sign up, and continue doing what you do best—taking amazing photos.

Check out our past Photographer Spotlights to see their experiences! Our spotlight videos have over one million views, and our website gets millions of views annually.

Beautiful locales:

Paid exposure:

Be the subject of a movie:

Be the inspiration:

Flights and accommodation for two. Your “plus one” can be your friend, family, model, or significant other.

We will pay for your current day rate, buy 5 of your best photos, and even pay you to post about the adventure through your social media accounts.

You will be featured for 3 months on our website, accompanied by a short bio, and backlinks to your website and social media accounts. (acdsee.com averages 1 million users per month, so this can be great exposure.)

The Photographer Spotlight video will also be used as web, email, YouTube, and other social media content, further exposing you, your brand, and your story.

You get a copy of the video to use in your own marketing, be it website, social media, email to your mom—it doesn’t matter. We just want to help shine the light on you!

Your own amazing photographs of an epic location to add to your portfolio.


  • Are the photos I take on the trip mine? Yep. We will want to buy some of the best to use on our website and share with our community though. Hope you’re ok with selling your work!

  • How long is the shoot? It will be a two day shoot, plus one more for recording audio. The entire trip will be 5 days, so plenty of “you” time!

  • Can I get a helicopter like Tom Parker did? Very possible! Depends on the location you choose and logistics, but we like helicopters just as much as the next person.

  • Do I have to be familiar with ACDSee software to qualify? Nope. We don’t care. We just want something fun and interesting and that is what this project is about, telling stories! That being said, please feel free to try any of our software for free! Who knows, you might even like it!

  • When is the winner announced? We’ll be closing the contest and reviewing the entries starting April 26th, 2019. Contest winner will be announced May 6th, 2019.