The Ultimate Centralized Digital Asset Management Solution for Teams

ACDSee Workgroup introduces an easy-to-use digital asset management solution allowing teams to collaborate and share through an organized library of files. Easily share files, metadata and more with your team, ensuring that no matter how many eyes are on a file, it will always be where you need it.

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ACDSee Workgroup features:

 Multi-User Collaboration

With files stored in a central location, your team can quickly organize and search digital files using a shared database of keywords, categories, tags, and metadata. ACDSee Workgroup’s real time collaboration allows your team to see changes made instantly.

 Fast and Easy Uploading

Quickly add files or folders by dragging and dropping them into ACDSee Workgroup, or download files by dragging and dropping them into your windows folder.

 Groups and User-Based Permissions

Set and manage groups and user-based permissions. This gives your team complete control over who gets access to which files.

 Fast and Powerful Search

Search the shared database to find files fast. You can also use search operators such as -, +, and | to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. Search by filenames, keywords, categories, metadata, and more.

 Keep Track of Your Workflow with Image Basket

Sometimes you need to gather items from multiple locations. With the Image Basket, you can easily take files from numerous locations and keep track of them all for a smooth workflow.

 Network Attached Storage (NAS) Support

SMB and NFS remote volume storage support.

 Supported Files

Support for Image, Video, and RAW file formats.

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