Democratizing Enterprise Digital Asset Management for Teams

Discover a new era of digital asset management with ACDSee Workgroup, a user-friendly and accessible solution for managing your digital assets within a team environment.


Collaborate Seamlessly in Real-time

Enhance efficiency and eliminate delays by keeping your team updated as changes to asset metadata synchronize with your database instantaneously. Experience a new level of productivity with real-time collaboration that empowers your team to work efficiently and stay in sync.

Access Control When You Need It

Safeguard your digital assets and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that only authorized individuals have access to your files. With user accounts and customizable permissions, you can manage and regulate access with ease.

Stop Searching for Files

Say goodbye to the frustration of hunting down missing documents. Our software enables your team to securely store all your digital assets in one centralized location. With easy access and robust search capabilities, you’ll always find what you need, exactly when you need it.

Get Up and Running Fast

Benefit from a hassle-free setup experience. With our virtual appliance installation, you can conveniently deploy the software wherever it best suits your needs. Experience the ease and convenience of getting up and running quickly, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Unleash the Full Potential of your Assets

The turn-key solution you need to easily manage, protect and share your digital assets.

Team Collaboration

Effortlessly organize and search digital files in a centralized location using a shared database of keywords, categories, tags, and metadata. Experience real-time updates that ensure your team stays in sync, seeing changes made instantly.

Fast and Easy File Transfers

Experience enhanced workflow efficiency with easy-to-use uploading and downloading capabilities. Simplify your file management process through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ensuring smooth and effortless transfer of files, and optimizing productivity with every upload and download.

Account Management

Empower your team with comprehensive groups and user-based permissions management. Take full control over file access by effortlessly setting and managing permissions, ensuring that each team member has secure and tailored access to the right files.

Powerful Search

Seamlessly search through filenames, keywords, categories, metadata, and beyond, ensuring you find exactly what you need in record time. Harness the flexibility of search operators to precisely pinpoint the desired files.

Image Basket

Maximize your workflow efficiency with the Image Basket. Conveniently gather files from multiple locations, then effortlessly manage them as a cohesive group.

Seamless Conversion

Preserve the original quality and file format of your assets while automatically converting them for web-friendly viewing. Experience seamless conversion that maintains the integrity of your files, ensuring optimal viewing and accessibility across different platforms and devices.

Images, Video, and More

Support for popular image, video, and more. New RAW formats and camera models added through regular updates.

Flexible Storage

Expand your storage capacity or access your existing file server through industry standard protocols for Network Attached Storage. Easily mount your Linux/Un*x (NFS) and Windows (SMB) file shares for asset storage.

Turn-key Deployment

Server packaged as a virtual appliance for easy deployment on existing infrastructure. Support for leading hypervisor platforms. Client access through web browser or desktop application.

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