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Take Creative Control

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 7 lets you take control over your image management and editing. This year, you’ll see refined features amplifying your ability to manipulate images with precision, and more intuitive ways to sort and categorize your files.


Digital Asset Management

Develop Mode

RAW Editing

Light EQ™

Repair Tools

Color Tools

Develop Mode Brush and Gradient Application

New this year are the brush and gradient tools. Hugely increasing the way you can apply effects in Develop mode, these tools let you apply image edits with enhanced precision.

  • The brush tool allows you to apply adjustments to parts of your image without affecting others.
  • The gradient tools let you apply an effect gradually across an image, either in a linear or radial way.

Heal and Clone Repair Tools

The Heal and Clone tools let you remove image flaws like flash flares, lens scratches, water droplets, or even shadows cast on the sensor by dust.

  • Use the Healing Brush on complicated textures like skin or fur.
  • Use the Cloning Brush for strong, simple textures or uniform colors.

What’s New?

Brush & Gradient Tools

Brush on adjustments in parts of your image without affecting others. Apply edits in gradual progressions using either a linear or radial gradient.

Heal and Clone Repair Tools

Non-destructively smooth away blemishes and flaws without strenuous, targeted color corrections or blending.

Presets for Selective Adjustments

Save your precise adjustments made with the brush and gradient tools as presets for easy repeat application to other images.

Easier undo and redo in Develop mode

Find undo and redo buttons at the top of the pane to speed up your process as you perfect your edits.

Add ratings and labels with one click

We listened to your feedback and now as well as drag and drop, you can add ratings and labels by checking a checkbox.

Improved Special Items Folder

Easily find certain items like videos, untagged files, or uncategorized files to help optimize your asset management.


Digital Asset Management

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac gives you all the tools you need to manage your images. With tools to sort, rate, add color labels and tags, even set categories and keywords, however you like to organize your images, it’s possible with ACDSee.

Keywords, Categories, & Tags

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Batch File Processing

Duplicate Finder

Saved Searches

Location Data

Develop Mode

Develop mode lets you nondestructively edit images by creating a sidecar file. This means that you can return to your original image at any point. In Develop mode, you’ll find a swathe of editing tools and features that let you take your images from great to outstanding.

Repair Tools


Color Correction

Watermark Tool

Tone Curves

Crop, Rotate & Straighten

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ACDSee Tutorials

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ACDSee Community

Stay informed. We have something for everyone who is interested in digital photography and photo editing.


ACDSee Workshops

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ACDSee Pro for iOS

The ACDSee Pro for iOS app lets you capture, edit, and organize your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch images. Enjoy features including specialized shooting modes, real-time effects and adjustments, and our powerful and nondestructive photo editor. Along with this, use the collage maker to combine images and then share the memories with your friends and family.


Smart Brush on Mac

The Smart Brush perfects the image repair process, making fixes almost instantaneous. By selecting pixels based on color, brightness, or a combination of the two, the Smart Brush helps you select the precise area for edits. It works hand-in-hand with the Magic Mouse and Trackpad allowing you adjust Nib Width and Feathering with ease.

ACDSee Light EQ™

This patented technology in ACDSee Photo Studio makes it possible to adjust lighting in specific areas in images without affecting others. You can simultaneously lighten areas that are too dark, and darken areas that are too bright. If the foreground subject is backlit, you can easily lighten that subject up without blowing out the background.

RAW Parametric Power

Take your RAW images from rough sensor data to eye-catching digital art with ACDSee Photo Studio’s powerful RAW processing engine. With built-in RAW support, you’ll have the freedom to parametrically correct exposure, clarity, sharpness, lighting, color, noise, details, and much more.

Take Creative Control

$39.95 USD

Full Price: $99.99 USD  |  SAVE 60%
Offer ends October 20th, 2021 at noon PT


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Mac computer with an Intel® processor or Apple M1 Chip
4 GB RAM (6 GB RAM recommended)

macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS Catalina (10.15) or macOS Big Sur (11)


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