LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7
Feature List


Media Panel & Productivity Tools

 Multi-Monitor Editing

Experience a smooth workflow across multiple displays, allowing you to view your project in Fullscreen while having your tools conveniently close-by on another monitor.

 Home Screen

The redesigned Home Screen lets you start a new recording, dive into a new project, or open a recent project to pick up where you left off.

 Customizable Workspace

Pop out, Snap in, and rearrange any panel to your creative desire. Make your work flow for you with the Customizable Workspace.

 Keyboard Shortcuts

Use default keyboard shortcuts or create your own and modify them to your liking using the Keyboard Shortcuts Manager.

 Pre-edit Source Files

View and edit files right from the source, before even placing them on the Timeline.

 Search Your Media

Search media by file name using the new Media panel search bar.

 Relink Media

Relink Media assets that have been moved to a new location on your computer without needing to import them again.

 Shared Media

Increase your efficiency by adding frequently used media files to the Shared Media folder so you can access those files anytime without importing.

 Media Samples

Choose from a variety of Media samples, including Video, Audio, and Image samples that come pre-installed.

 Improved Image File Support

With support for still images, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, HEIC – and now DNG and TIFF – it’s easy to put together slideshows for special events and training purposes.

 Pack Manager

Install and manage Content Packs and Language Packs for LUXEA Pro 7 within the app.

 Language Packs

LUXEA Pro Video Editor 7 now supports multi-language installs without the need to reinstall the application.

Content Packs

Add unique, creative, and captivating resources to your video. Import a library of royalty-free images, videos, audio, text-style presets, behaviors, and overlays.

Organize Media

Sort your added media by File name, Media Type, Duration, or Modified Time.

Media Preview

Preview your media before adding it to the Timeline.

Video File Support

Add AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, TS, MTS, M2TS, ASF, M4V, MPG, and MPEG files to your project and create your video.

Audio File Support

Add audio files to your Media Library, like WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, AC3, OGG, and M4A files, to create the perfect soundtrack for your video.

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Recording Tools

 Redesigned Recorder Interface

Streamline your recordings with a compact design, and new functions like real-time file size display, and a Video list.

 Auto Stop Record

In addition to controlling the duration and quality of your recording to suit your project needs, you can now automatically stop recording based on recording time, or file size, and allow the computer to sleep or shutdown upon completing the recording.

 Improved Audio Recording

You can record narration or sounds using your microphone and incorporate them into your video project. Audio recordings will now appear in real time on your timeline as you record.

 Improved Mouse/Cursor Effects

Add animation and sound to your mouse clicks while screen recording to help your audience follow along. Now you can highlight your cursor at all times while recording.

Screen Recording

Record your screen at up to 120 frames per second, with or without system audio and voice recording, in widescreen or custom dimensions. Pause and resume as needed, and customize your recording hotkeys for quick and effortless movie-making.

Targeted Screen Recording

Select a window to screen record with a single mouse click.

Single Input Recording

Capture audio without video and vice versa with the option to record from only one input at a time.

Real-time MP4 Creation

The recorder encodes as it captures video and audio, so you can go from recording to editing instantly.

Webcam support

Easily record video using your webcam and watch the customizable viewer on your screen to make sure the right things are in frame.

Editing Tools


Apply Keyframes to your media for precise control over properties such as opacity, position, scale, XYZ axis rotation, and cropping. You can also use Keyframes to control audio levels, channel volume, balance, and pitch.


Choose from a variety of mask shapes to hide parts of your media. Feather the mask edges to soften them – perfect for a double exposure effect.

 Speed Ramping

Ease the transition between slow motion and high speed footage using Speed Ramping.

 Reverse Speed

Play media clips forwards and backwards to create surreal video sequences.

 Ripple Edit

Use the Ripple Edit tool to adjust the speed of your clip without leaving gaps between media on the timeline.

 Audio Meter

Visually monitor your audio levels with the new Audio Meter right on the Timeline.

 Improved Audio Editing

Control overall audio levels or independent left and right channel volume. Pan audio for added movement, completely change the pitch for an ominous or playful tone, or apply an Equalizer preset, such as Classic, Country, or Rap to enhance your sound. Separate audio and video in one click.

 Improved Captions

Connect with your audience using text. Add captions to your project to increase accessibility or provide translations for audio. You can now add time codes, control the styling and position, and import captions from SRT files.

Limitless Tracks

Layer audio, video, and images on as many tracks as you want. Tweak background color and media transparency to create a layered hierarchy.

Green Screen/Chroma Key Support

Put your subject anywhere. Remove green screen, or the color of your choosing, and layer in other videos or still images to create your own background.

Split, cut, copy, paste

Timeline toolbar offers cutting-edge editing tools ideal for crafting the perfect sequence of clips.

Timeline Markers

Alignment between tracks made easy with built-in snap-to-setpoint functionality.

Timeline Controls

Scale the Timeline to fit your media and take a look at the bigger picture. Rotate your media in two clicks or copy and paste perfected filters from media to media directly on the timeline.

Rotate Media

Rotate your media by X, Y, or Z axes, or drag its arrow handles to change the orientation of your media.


Set the position of your media using X and/or Y values, or simply drag your clip into place from within the Display Area.

Color pass

Put a focus on the color that matters. Choose a color to stand out, and reduce the rest of the clip to grayscale.

Color LUTs

Color grade your shots by loading and applying an endless array of cinematic LUTs. Easily control the strength using the opacity slider.

Text tool

Enrich your video by adding text in one of 28 different styles. Customize fonts, colors, alignments, directions, and formats for the look you want, or create your own presets.


Create smooth scene and topic changes by adding transitions. Simply drag and drop where you want and customize the duration by dragging.

Overlay effects

Need some snow? A light leak? A countdown? Effortlessly add a variety of overlay effects on top of, before, or after your media.


Perfect your video’s style and movement with unique behaviors animating the entrances, durations and exits of clips.

Motion & appearance filters

Get creative with filters that allow you to morph, emboss, mirror, shake, obscure, adjust, and much more.

Color & clarity filter options

Add vibrance, correct exposure and white balance, sharpen, blur, add vignettes, and much more.

Mosaic tool

Blur out faces, license plates, or sensitive information with the customizable Mosaic tool.

Clip duration

Take control over the speed and overall duration of your media.

Frame rate

With support for up to 60 frames per second, your video and transitions will be smoother, providing richer viewing experiences.

Blend mode & opacity

Choose from 25 media Blend Modes, like Overlay and Multiply, and adjust the opacity of that media to affect the final result.

Watermark tool

Establish ownership of your video content by adding your watermark and customizing its position and opacity.

Lock & hide tracks

Easily lock/unlock and hide/reveal tracks on the Timeline with a single click.

Dynamic project display area

Preview your evolving video in a resizable Display Area. Move your content around, change its size, or set it to fit automatically. Customize the Display Area background color, position, and dimensions.

Proxy preview

Reduce the quality of your playback to expedite editing and to maximize processing power, without affecting the quality of the output.

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Production & Sharing Tools

 Improved Rendering Preview

Preview your project as it renders and receive a sound notification once it is finished.

Tailored Social Media Outputs

Easily create perfect posts using preset settings optimized for YouTube and Vimeo all from within the Export Tool.

Adaptable Output Options

Customize your audio and video parameters, such as resolution, frame rate, bitrate, codec, and more. Save your settings as custom templates for quick production.

Produce in 4k

Support for 4K lets you produce full-quality cinematic masterpieces.


Extend the life of specific moments by creating freeze frames. Or snatch snapshots of your video’s playback and add them to your available media.

Produce a selection

You can produce a section of a video, rather than the entire clip. Ideal for trailers or teaser videos.

Export as a GIF

Quickly create GIFs from your videos or image series. With a recommended size for easy sharing, GIF generation has never been this painless.

Hardware Acceleration

Enjoy hardware acceleration with encoding engine support for Intel Quick Sync and Nvidia.

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Renews annually.
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$49.99 USD/year
Recording and Video Editing Software
Free Updates
Free Tech Support
Free Upgrades*
Digital Asset Management, RAW Photo Editing, and Layered Editing Software
200GB Cloud Storage, Install on up to 5 devices, Exclusive Tutorials

*Includes upgrades to future versions of LUXEA Pro with an active subscription.


One time purchase.
Perpetual License.

$29.95 USD

Full Price: $99.99 USD |  SAVE $70 USD 
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Recording and Video Editing Software
Free Updates
Free Tech Support
Free Upgrades*
Digital Asset Management, RAW Photo Editing, and Layered Editing Software
200GB Cloud Storage, Install on up to 5 devices, Exclusive Tutorials

*Does not include upgrades to future versions of LUXEA Pro.


Renews annually.
Cancel your subscription at any time.

$89 USD/year
Recording and Video Editing Software
Free Updates
Free Tech Support
Free Upgrades*
Digital Asset Management, RAW Photo Editing, and Layered Editing Software (Learn More)
200GB Cloud Storage, Install on up to 5 devices, Exclusive Tutorials

*Includes upgrades to future versions of LUXEA Pro with an active subscription.

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System Requirements

To activate your software you will need an internet connection.

Intel® Core™ i3 or AMD Ryzen™ ( 2GHz or faster)
8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM recommended)
DirectX 10 compatible graphics adapter
1920 x 1080 display resolution
4GB of available hard disk space (SSD recommended for editing HD and 4K videos)

Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 & Windows® 11 (64-bit editions only)
Microsoft® DirectX® 10 or higher

Image formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, HEIC, DNG, TIFF
Audio formats: WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, AC3, OGG, M4A
Video formats: AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, MOV, TS, MTS, M2TS, ASF, M4V, MPG, MPEG

MP4, MOV, MP3, M4V, WebM, GIF



Date: 2024/02/14
File Size: 395 MB
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