Organize, edit, and share your photos with ease

As the choice software for the practical amateur, ACDSee 20 is trusted digital asset management paired with photo editing essentials. ACDSee 20 is packed with efficiency-driven tools to help you organize your photos, tweak as needed, and inspire your friends, family, and followers.

Top Features >

Here is a small sample of some of our feature highlights...

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Microsoft OneDrive™ Integration

With your OneDrive™ folder integrated as a root node, you can instantly organize, view, edit, and share any of your image collection no matter where it's stored, without moving it out of the cloud.

Add Objects on the Fly

Harmonious Folder Structure

ACDSee smoothly displays your folder tree in the same style as your OS, which means zero confusion.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Organize Like a Boss

By creating categories, rating, tagging, color labeling, and adding hierarchical keywords, you’ll never lose a photo again.

Add Objects on the Fly

Effortless Overhaul

Reduce red eye, rotate, flip, crop, resize, and repair for full control over your finished product.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

You’ve Been Framed!

Add a border, vignette, or text to your favorite photos. Customize the color, texture, and thickness to suit your shot. Blur or raise the edges, and add a drop shadow to perfectly complement the mood of your photo.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Direct the Eye

Use the Blur tool as a creative effect or noise reduction technique. Choose from a variety of blur styles — even achieve a bokeh effect.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Automatic Adaptability

The Smart Indexer catalogs folders when your computer is idle, expediting your viewing process. It's so smart that it knows when you’ve made changes and automatically keeps everything up-to-date, so that you don’t even have to think about it.

Add Objects on the Fly

RAW and Colorful

View RAW files from all the major camera manufacturers. Enjoy proper color management, so that what you see on your screen is true to hue.

What's New >

Now featuring improved performance and stability, increased interface customizability to suit your process, more advanced noise reduction, and much more, ACDSee 20 provides all of the fundamental elements you need for your productivity-motivated photography workflow. With a new mode dedicated to assessing yours stats on the fly, as well as settings to easily identify orphans amidst your library, ACDSee 20 is the perfect solution for your growing photo collection.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Filtering Flexibility

With performance dramatically enhanced, Photos mode now boasts even more ways to filter your viewing experience so that you can target specific areas of your hard drive, your Microsoft OneDrive™ collection, or your image collection in its entirety. Configure customizable metadata pop-ups and easily pick out orphans displayed in sepia.

Add Objects on the Fly

The Right Versatility

Right-click to conveniently switch between drawing with foreground and background colors. Or use right-click to quickly erase adjustments made with the Edit brush.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Get Your Fill

Use the Edit Mode Fill tool to select a color to enrich with your chosen background color for speedy enhancements.

Add Objects on the Fly


Apply a radial or linear gradient to gradually progress outward from a center point or subtly across your photo.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Detail Defense

The latest noise reduction technology makes it easy to remove the grainy artefacts from your image while retaining details. You can even specify the level of detail to be preserved.

Add Objects on the Fly

Skim Your Stats

With the addition of Dashboard mode, you can assess camera, file, and database statistics at a glance.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Your Tailor-Made Interface

Tear off, move, stack, and dock more toolbars and panes than ever before, including the Edit mode toolbar and the Filmstrip. Move them to your second monitor for improved workflow efficiency.

More Improved Features:

Revved up speed and performance

Improved stability

An array of new blend modes

Improved lens detection and more lenses supported




Manage Mode >

In Manage mode, you can browse, find, move, and sort your files, and access an arsenal of organization and sharing tools.



Fast-track the right photos to the right workflow by using Collections for organizing and searching. Build hierarchies within Collection Sets, construct Smart Collections containing a search, and return to them at any time.

Folder Tree

Easily Convert from Lightroom™ to ACDSee

Tired of importing your photos into an application instead of the application just reading them straight off your hard drive? You can import your Lightroom™ database into ACDSee while keeping your Lightroom™ collections viewable and editable, allowing you to still benefit from your hours of cataloging.

(No) Importing

No Importing

Connect directly to the folders on your computer — no importing into a separate library. Customize your workspace to suit your style, switch between multiple databases, and access external editors.



Classify files by camera and EXIF information, and edit IPTC metadata as you go. Customize the Metadata tab to display only the details that matter to you.


No More Senseless Searching

Find images based on metadata, file properties, date, event, keyword, rating, color label, and GPS location. Build and save detailed searches. Enter single words or phrases, search only specific folders, narrow it down by your camera's file information, or find that one special image with the Quick Search bar.



Find and organize your photos by location, instantly view the location of images from GPS-enabled cameras, reverse geocode, or quickly fill in the information yourself.

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Photos/View Mode >

Gain new perspective on your collection by viewing your images by date in Photos mode. You can use View mode to display your images and media files using their actual dimensions or at a variety of magnifications, while continuing your cataloging workflow.

Auto Lens View

Auto Lens View

Freely preview what your images would look like with a variety of filters on the fly with the Auto Lens View.


Windows Touch Gestures™

Browse through your photo collection with a flick of the finger. ACDSee Ultimate 10 features support for Windows Touch Gestures™enabled devices.

Auto EQ

Commitment-Free Auto EQ

View your images with an immediate exposure boost on the fly with Auto EQ.

View it All

View it All

Examine any area in on a pixel level with the Magnifying Glass and Navigator. You can also view the histogram and all of your metadata properties alongside any photo.

View it All

Photos Mode

Experience the entirety of your photo collection or Microsoft OneDrive™ collection by browsing it by year, month, or day. Conveniently locate your place in giant collections thanks to pop-up dates and metadata.

View it All

Resolution Revolution

With ACDSee's high DPI support, you can view your images on 4k monitors in sharp, uncompromising detail.

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Edit Mode >

Edit mode's chain editing gives you full control over your image's pixels, allowing creative freedom to apply precise adjustments.

1-Step EQ

Tilt Your World

Use the Tilt-Shift effect to emphasize specific subjects in your photos, or make them look like miniature landscapes.



For that oft-needed dash of quirkiness or nostalgia, apply a variety of effects without a cumbersome, multi-step process.

Improved Selections

Improved Selections

With a GUI designed for efficiency, the Selections and Drawing tools allow you to focus your adjustments exactly where you want them, and add drawing assets as you work.

Navigator Window

Navigator Window

Automatically find your way around your image when zoomed in to the finer details with the improved Navigator in Edit mode.

Take Your Lighting out of the Dark Ages

Take Your Lighting out of the Dark Ages

Get amazing HDR results, powered by our patented Light EQ™ technology, by changing the tonal range and lightening shadows and reducing highlights with a single click.

Pressure-Active Brush

Pressure-Active Brush

Apply any editing effect to exact areas of your photo and expertly adjust the sensitivity of the brush. Dynamically alter the nib width and feathering slider for completely nuanced brushing.

Noise Reduction


Add subtle definition to the details in your images.

Add Tools

Sharpen Smarter

Curb halos, soften noise and texture, target edges, control the amount of sharpened pixels around edges, and specify the lightness value pixels within an edge must be to be sharpened.


Painless Color Matching

Pick up the exact shade you need with the Eye Dropper tool. Populate the outline and fill of your drawn shapes with any color from inside your photo or from outside the app itself.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

A Finer (White) Balance

Accurately tweak the color temperature of your photos with the White Balance tool. Harmonize red and green casts in your image with the Tint slider.

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ACDSee 365 >

ACDSee 365 provides accessible cloud-based photo management and sharing, as well as storage, and more.

ACDSee 365

Command the Cloud

Backup, store, and stay organized — your photos are ready for you, whenever you need them. Fully integrated, ACDSee 365 makes it easy to share your best with friends, family, and the community.



Access and manage your online images quickly and easily, control privacy settings, and share with your fans — all from the convenience of Manage mode.

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Dashboard >

Dashboard mode provides on-the-fly statistics on your files, database, and camera use.

ACDSee 365

Camera Contents

Dashboard mode graphs your monthly or yearly photo counts, which cameras you use the most, your favorite ISO setting, resolution, and more.

ACDSee 365

Database Detail

Effortlessly survey database stats, such as its location, size, backup information, a breakdown of your assets, and more.

Plus More >


Actively preview your files through your OS’s context menu, without having to open them in an application, with ACDSee PicaView.

RAW support/Color Management

Color Management

ACDSee's color management system resolves color matching issues that can occur between different devices.

Multiple Databases

Multiple Databases

Create as many ACDSee databases as you like, and quickly and easily switch between them.


Share Seamlessly

Distribute your shots through e-mail, upload to flickr™, SmugMug™, and Zenfolio™, and send to Facebook™, or upload to web spaces managed through FTP in a snap.

Work with Vector and Raster Images

Full Spectrum

Quickly access standard and custom color options with the new Color Picker window and store favorites to streamline your project. Get exactly the background and foreground colors you want by hue, saturation, and luminosity values, or by RGB values.

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System Requirements

To activate your software, to validate your subscriptions, or to access online services, you will need a valid email address and an internet connection.


  • Intel® Pentium® III / AMD Athlon processor or equivalent (Intel® Pentium® 4 / AMD Athlon XP or equivalent recommended)
  • 512 MB RAM (1 GB RAM recommended)
  • 310 MB free hard drive space (1 GB recommended)
  • High Color display adapter at 1024 x 768 resolution (1280 x 1024 recommended)


  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 (SP1), Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1 & Windows® 10
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9+
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 or higher
  • Windows Media® Player 9.0


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