Feature Comparison: Photo Studio Ultimate


ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2019

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2020

Can automatically identify faces in photos with Face Detection & Facial Recognition and assign names to faces
Face Detection suggests names once you have assigned a name one or more times
Displays a queue of images being scanned for faces
Can clear the queue of images being scanned for faces
Can embed face data in images for safe keeping
Displays your Cloud Sync Drives, such as Dropbox or OneDrive, as a node in the Folders pane, allowing you to navigate cloud content like any other folder
Can create up to 5 image baskets
Duplicate Finder is streamlined
Batch Convert File Format is streamlined
Comes pre-loaded with a variety of sample quick keyword sets
Can import and export keyword lists
Can copy pixels from a source to a target area, then analyzes the target area and blends them with the Blended Clone tool
Can color grade images non-destructively by importing and applying LUTs as Develop mode filters
Can view, navigate, and print PDFs
Can view, navigate, and print Office documents—even sheets on multi-tabbed Excel documents
Can create color LUTs out of adjustment layers
Can select multiple layers at once
Can load multiple images into the Layers pane at once
Can align layers
Can combine multiple images with different exposures to create one image with an optimal dynamic range
Can combine multiple images with different focal distances to create one image with a greater depth of field
Can add layer effects between image, object, and text layers
Can snap objects, text, and images to the top, bottom, sides, or corners of your canvas while moving
Can add rulers and guidelines for precise positioning of layers
Can add text layers
Can expand the canvas around layered content or create solid backgrounds
Brush on or grade color brightening, hue, contrast, saturation, color overlay, tone curves, vibrance, white balance
Smart Erase available in the Repair groups
Can copy and paste masks
Automatically advances to the next image when adding or removing metadata
Option to automatically save in Edit and Develop mode
Can view adjustments made to your images in Develop mode from within Manage or View mode
Can create selections based on the brightness in images
Support for HEIF files
Can import & export ACDSee Actions
Able to import & export Edit & Develop mode presets
Can control brightness and contrast on a color by color basis in Black & White mode
Print adjustments available to compensate for printer’s exposure, contrast, and sharpness handling
Manage mode keyboard shortcuts are customizable
Can color grade your images by importing and applying LUTs as Edit mode filters
Can adjust contrast in specific tones, target brightness ranges to bring out contrast details
Layered editor available

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