Feature Comparison: Photo Studio for Mac


ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 6

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 7

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 8

Runs natively on Macs with an Apple Silicon chip, such as the M1  
Indexer runs in the background for better performance  
Can wirelessly transfer photos and videos from your phone to your computer using ACDSee Mobile Sync  
Compatible with macOS 12 Monterey “Live Text” feature  
Can make targeted color adjustments with the Color Wheel  
Can make targeted adjustments to Highlights, Midtones, and Shadows with Tone Wheels  
Can reduce haze and restore skin tone  
Can quickly repair image flaws 
Can brush on editing adjustments 
Can make adjustments with a linear gradient 
Can make adjustments with a radial gradient 
Can make presets for selective adjustments 
Can search for all files without keywords, for all videos, for all files with added database data not yet embedded, each in a single click
Can access saved searches with one click
Can copy and paste metadata
Can import and export keyword lists
Can directly access iCloud Drive from Folders pane
Can assign keyboard shortcuts to batch presets during preset creation
Comes pre-loaded with a variety of usable keyword sets
Can create keyword and category sets
Can view multiple folders at once with Easy-Select GUI feature
Can search combinations of metadata fields at once with Easy-Select GUI feature
Supports Affinity Photo’s format, .afphoto (Affinity Photo must be installed)
Can launch videos, office documents, and PDFs in Quick Look from inside ACDSee
Can rebuild thumbnails and metadata
Major performance improvements for speedy launching, browsing, scrolling, and searching
Can search by file name, location, type, size, modified or created date
Can view images full screen in Develop mode
PDF thumbnails supported
Can easily locate all files with metadata to embed via the Embed Pending flag, can embed in all files at once, can set embed reminders
Can locate or place images in the Map pane, can drag and drop images, and write location data to corresponding IPTC fields
Can gather and hold images from different locations for further processing
Can filter files by their metadata, such as ratings, color labels, tags, and categories
Features RAW support for over 450 camera models
Can compare up to four images at once
Automatically advances to the next image when adding or removing metadata
Can access and edit images without importing
Can configure ACDSee to work with a variety of other image editors, including setting a default editor
Can create and switch between multiple databases
Features an array of non-destructive editing tools
Can add watermarks in batches
Can add borders in batches
Can import databases from previous versions of ACDSee
Features a variety of digital asset management tools

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