Affiliate Program

How it works

ACD Systems Affiliate Program is a partnership, which provides the tools and resources necessary for individuals to promote our digital image editing and management software on their blog or website. It is a great and easy way to generate extra income and bring traffic to your website or blog.

Three Easy Steps

1. Complete an application form.
2. Promote ACD Systems products on your
website or blog.
3. Sit back, relax, and get paid.


Already a member?


Payout Structure

The Affiliate Program payout structure awards a percent of the sale amount to the Affiliate.

Affiliates can earn up to 30% commission!


Who we are

ACD Systems is one of the largest and most respected independent digital image
editing and management companies in the world.

Affiliates are able to promote and profit from our product family, which includes photo editing and management solutions, ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional, and ACDSee Photo Studio Home.


To assist our Affiliates, ACDSee
sends out email updates, provides system alerts, highlights the best performing offers, and any seasonal or special promotions. We also update Affiliates on what’s selling, what’s hot, and what’s coming soon, while providing high quality marketing material for all our promotions.


ACDSee uses third party tracking
to ensure reliable, real‐time, transparent, and on-the-fly optimizations guaranteed to help you generate more sales. Our tracking software provides the information necessary to determine when and what sales were generated, so you can optimize
your site accordingly.


With a guaranteed response within 24 hours and immediate availability during business hours through email, skype, or over the phone, you can be assured that ACD Affiliate managers are here for you. We encourage our Affiliates to visit our site and request their feedback so that we may create a dialogue and solid two way relationship.

For more information, read the ACD Systems Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions