Photo Studio for Mac 10

What’s New in Photo Studio for Mac 10?

Keeping track of who’s who in your photos is a snap! Learn more about the latest release of ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac below.


People Mode

Put a name to every face and find your people in an instant.

People Management

People Mode is born of a union between ACDSee’s industry-leading Face Detection and Recognition feature and a keen application of Artificial Intelligence. The software quickly detects the faces in your photos, sorts them, and organizes them into groups of similar faces, eliminating the need to manually assign a name to each individual face. Use the Named and Unnamed tabs within People Mode to effortlessly tag groups of photos containing the same person.

Remove, Merge, Name, Rename

Easily remove people you don’t recognize, and merge, name, or rename groups of photos using the Named and Unnamed tabs. When viewing Unnamed people, clicking on a face will display photos that the AI believes contain the same person, providing you with an easy path to labelling multiple faces at the same time. As your collection of memories grows, the suggested faces in your photo library will grow, too. People Mode will be there to keep those memories organized by suggesting groups of similar unnamed faces when viewing previously Named people.

Efficiency, Security, Speed

The AI computations driving ACDSee’s People Mode are performed locally on your computer instead of in the cloud like some competitors, ensuring speedy results and enhanced privacy and data control. Whip through the process of naming, deleting, confirming/denying suggestions, and more by combining keyboard shortcuts with time-saving features like auto-advance to accomplish more in less time. All this and more allows you to spend less time managing your photos, and more time creating the perfect shot.


Media Mode

Browse your media without distractions.

Media Mode is ACDSee’s database-driven powerhouse for viewing and accessing the folders you have either browsed in Manage Mode or cataloged into the ACDSee database. This streamlined, uncluttered view of the media assets managed by ACDSee offers sorting, grouping, and filtering in any combination.

  • Look at your media in a modern grid or full screen.
  • View and edit metadata in the Properties panel.
  • Filter media at lightning speed using ratings and color labels.
  • Quickly isolate and find orphaned files that have moved since they were originally scanned and reconnect them to your ACDSee database.
  • Sort and group files together by various parameters – such as camera or location.
  • Perform functions on multiple files at the same time – such as rotate/flip or move to trash.

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Photo Studio for Mac 10

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