Schools & Universities

Our educational licensing is divided into K-12 and higher education. No matter the size of your classroom, you can take advantage of our flexible pricing options to equip your students with our most powerful photo editing and technical illustration software.

K-12 Lab License

We offer affordable packages for K-12 schools to use in classrooms or computer labs. With our lab license options, you can easily find a solution to fit your needs and class size.

Our Upgrade Assurance (UPG) maintenance program gives you one year of free major upgrades and premium support. The first year of UPG is included in the package, with the option to renew for the following years.

These packages are only available to qualified K-12 educators. If you have any questions, we encourage you to give us a call!

Higher Education

For Higher Education pricing, please contact us directly for a quotation.

Call our toll-free sales line:


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