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 The Ultimate Education Bundle

Master Photographer Alec Watson has combined his three top photography courses to offer you The Ultimate Education Bundle! This bundle covers operating your camera to make sure you get the best shot every time, beautiful natural light portrait photography using real-life scenarios, and loads of retouching techniques to make your pictures pop, delivered in three easy-to-follow video courses. Designed specially for ACDSee and worth a total value of $217 USD, you won’t find this fantastic deal anywhere else!

Courses included in this bundle: Alec’s Top 40 Editing Secrets, Ultimate Portraits 101, and WAMSI

$79.95 USD

Full Price: $159.99 USD  |  SAVE $80 USD


About Alec Watson

Best known for his advertising work, Alec Watson is a multi-disciplinary digital media artist. As a photographer, his work has graced magazine covers, movie posters, album covers and a multitude of advertisements. Alec has filmed ad work for companies like Starbucks, Britney Spears, Goldwell, KMS, Microsoft, Sexy Hair, music videos and several award-winning short films.

“I have filmed and photographed for some of the world’s most successful brands. I am here to teach you what worked, what didn’t, and how you can compete with the world’s best… at a fraction of their budgets.”

– Alec Watson, Director of Photography for



 Alec’s Top 40 Editing Secrets

Alec Watson is letting you in on his go-to photo editing secrets, so you can make your pictures POP!

Learn how to create spectacular sunsets, optimize exposure, warm and cool different parts of the same image, lighten shadows, make eyes stand out, remove blemishes, highlight hair, whiten teeth, define and contour, perfect tonality with curves, use layers and layer masks, remove wrinkles, and so much more! All lessons are under 8 minutes long, fast-tracking you to amazing photo editing.

This comprehensive course is specially designed for use with ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate.

$59 USD

Full Price: $79 USD  |  SAVE $20 USD


 Ultimate Portraits 101

Learning to take great portraits is part psychology, part technical knowledge, some experience, and a lot of art.

Alec Watson takes you through 6 different lighting scenarios to give you the technical knowledge and an array of experiences that you can draw from to vastly improve your portrait photography.

Designed and created specifically for ACDSee users, this course will give you an efficient workflow and great techniques for black and white, filmic, and beautiful natural light portraits.

$39 USD

Full Price: $79 USD  |  SAVE $40 USD


Reviews for Ultimate Portraits 101

“Game Changer! Thanks Alec. I have never confidently put the sun behind people on shots – what a difference!”

- Mark C.

“Alec – Thank you! I always avoid mid-day shoots. Now that I know what open shade means and how to use it, I can’t wait to shoot downtown!”

- Marcie K.


Never miss a perfect image because of wrong settings!

WAMSI is a photography workflow that takes the complexity out of DSLR Camera Photography. Having a simplified workflow increases confidence, allowing you to be in your creative space immediately.

With WAMSI you will take perfect images – quickly – from shot one.

$29 USD

Full Price: $59 USD  |  SAVE $30 USD


Reviews for WAMSI

“Alec you have explained these functions so simply and clearly, that for once I feel inspired. Thanks for your time and effort.”

- Doug B.

“I digitized old pictures I took with a film camera and at times I admired that I had been able to take more interesting pictures than with my current camera. Even after my first experiments, I believe WAMSI steered me in a better direction! Thank you very much!”

- Tero M.

“This was well worth the time. It really simplifies the work flow. It takes some of the mystery out, and gets you out to try more photography.”

- Jack H.

“Be a photographer not an engineer – check. Zeroing the camera – check. And a very useful refresher course. Thank you Alec, looking forward to your next one.”

- Charles M.

“SUPER HELPFUL! Just tested it out and it made a huge difference as I was trying to capture the true view from our lanai in Hawaii.”

- Tina

“Great content. Every pilot knows the importance of a checklist. A great place to begin!”

- Sherri S.


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