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Alec Watson

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Alec Watson provides his expertise and flair in multi-episodic tutorials using ACDSee. With decades of experience in the photography industry, Alec will show you his personal management strategies and editing tips.

Best known for his advertising work, Alec Watson is a multi-disciplinary digital media artist. As a photographer, his work has graced magazine covers, movie posters, album covers and a multitude of advertising from Coca-Cola and Starbucks to heads of state.

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Online Photography Courses by Alec

Are you looking to take the complexity out of DSLR camera photography? Wondering how to take gorgeous photographs even in bad lighting? Alec Watson offers professional online photography courses to answer these questions and more at exclusive ACDSee pricing.


Alec’s Favorite Feature

Watch as Alec Watson shares how to use his favorite feature of ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2021: Tone Wheels!


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ACDSee Photo Studio for Beginners: Part 1

If you don’t know anything about ACDSee, this is where to start. Follow along with industry expert Alec Watson.

Intro ACDSee for beginners
How to install acdsee
A really suite overview
Your personal workspace
Your words are key
Choosing your lucky numbers
Hatching your batching
Heroic color grading

ACDSee Photo Studio for Beginners: Part 2

Build on your ACDSee Photo Studio post-processing skills in this continuation from ACDSee Photo Studio for Beginners: Part 1.

Develop suite
Sound the alarms
Beauty is skin deep
Developing skills
Developing skills continued
Snap shots
Raise your EQ
Ogres onions & edit suite

ACDSee VS 4 for Beginners

In these tutorials, Alec Watson will take you on a brief tour outlining ACDSee VS 4.

Check out the latest tips and tools from the ACDSee Community.


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