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Maintaining Your Camera Sensors

2013-06-25 21:20:21 GMT

Starting to notice a few dust dots on your photos? This can be prevented! Use these 6 tips for keeping your camera sensors clean:

Pre-plan your shoots. By being organized and pre-planning your shoots you’ll know which lenses you want to use, which reduces the number of times you’ll have to change it.

Switch out your lens as fast as possible. When doing this, keep your camera pointing down and try to keep all lens changes happening in a controlled environment - like indoors! This will prevent the wind from blowing sand in to your lens.

Keep your camera bag clean. Vacuuming your camera bag regularly prevents dust bunnies from forming and making their way into your camera.

Don’t store your camera on its back. Simple as that! Make gravity your friend.

Keep your lenses clean. It doesn’t hurt to do a quick clean of your lenses before every session.

Use an air blower. When the time comes to do the maintenance check on your camera, using an air blower removes dust particles from your gear.

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