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International Food Photography Day 2013

2013-11-15 00:41:01 GMT

November 14th, 2013. That’s today! And… today is international food photography day! So, to celebrate such a day we have scoured the internet and found our top 5 favorite food photography blogs.

Click each of the links and be prepared to make your tastebuds jealous of your eyes!

First off, Can’t go wrong with these basics and tips and tricks. There’s even some for the advanced photographer.

This photographers photos make even the most exquisite meals look even more exquisite. Check out Michael Ray Photography on his blog has the most beautiful, colorful, and fresh food photos we could find! Hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Last, but not least in the department of food blogs, Stories of food, travel, life, and photography (including recipes!).

Don’t fret! We did say top 5 favorite food photography blogs, but how could I leave out Pinterest! It’s a haven of beautiful food photography. Just search “Food Photography” and you’ll see for yourself.


ACDSee Pro Mac and Mavericks OSX

2013-11-13 18:30:42 GMT

Dear ACDSee Users,

During the past few weeks, our development team has been working hard to try to resolve the issues that have arisen with the latest update to OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) when running ACDSee Pro 3 (Mac).

We are aware that some users have expressed frustration when posting on these forums and on social media. Please do not be concerned that your posts are lost or being ignored, or that no one is reading them. We can promise that they are being read. We hear and understand your frustrations. We are taking the feedback you provide to us and are relaying it to the dev team.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused, and thank you for all your patience as we work to resolve these issues.

The Team at ACDSee


Sharing your photos to Facebook

2013-11-12 20:30:32 GMT

Want to create and share a folder chocked full of photos to all your Facebook friends and family? It’s not impossible to do with ACDSee.

Step 1: In Manage mode, select one or more images and click File | Send | To Facebook…

Step 2: Login to Facebook and authorize posting images from ACDSee. In the middle of the window, you will see your photos ready for upload. Select to upload photos to a new album or an existing album.

Step 4: Click Upload.

Step 5: To view your uploaded photos, click View in Facebook. Then press Finish to return to ACDSee.


ACD Systems Video

Using the Repair Tool in ACDSee Pro 7 

Check out our YouTube channel for more ACDSee Pro 7 and ACDSee 17 tutorials!


ACDSee Fall Photo Contest

2013-10-23 23:03:34 GMT

It’s that time again! Fall is the most photogenic season of the year.

Get out there and capture all the beautiful fall colors in your neighborhood and upload them to ACDSee 365 with the tag #ACDSeeFallFun for your opportunity to win a Canon Powershot G1X demo camera from ACDSee.

As long as your photo is fall related, whether it’s your kids playing in the leaves or carving pumpkins, or beautiful scenery or anything… you could win!

If you don’t already have an ACDSee 365 account, sign up here. Just make sure your album is set to public and tag away!

All entries can be viewed by searching #ACDSeeFallFun on ACDSee 365. The grand prize winner will be announced Monday, November 18th.

Have fun!