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Recognizing the Power of Images, ACD Systems Releases Their Most Feature Rich ACDSee Products to Date.

2015-09-23 22:52:31 GMT

New Products Offer Solutions for Every Level of Photographer with Exciting New Features and Improvements

Seattle, WA and Victoria, BC – September 24, 2015 –ACD Systems International Inc. announced today the release of ACDSee Ultimate 9, ACDSee Pro 9, and ACDSee 19. This next generation of ACDSee products offers exciting new features for every level of photographer with tools to improve workflow, digital asset management and image editing.

ACDSee Ultimate 9 remains the go-to product for all photography workflow needs. The inclusion of development tools, a layered editor, powerful digital asset management and organizational capabilities in a single package makes for a truly unique all-in-one digital imaging solution. ACDSee Ultimate 9 adds Adjustment Layers to the layered editor. Adjustment layers offer users the ability to modify any image adjustment individually, while providing access to the best tools available for developing images non-destructively. The latest release of ACDSee Pro 9 comes loaded with exciting new features designed to intuitively guide professional, amateur, and hobbyist photographers towards developing their photos into flawless final images. ACDSee 19 maintains its standing as an exceptionally fast, easy-to-use photo management application, and advances even further with the addition of Photos Mode and Collections.

“I could not be happier with this next generation release.” Said Frank Lin, General Manger and CTO of ACD Systems, “It addresses every level of photographer and is a game changer for digital asset management.”

ACDSee Ultimate 9 and Pro 9 are tailored for customer needs, offering the following new features in addition to the Adjustment Layers found in Ultimate 9:

• ACDSee Actions: a completely new take on batch editing: record any sequence of steps using any tool, then apply them to any other image in your library with a single click.

• Lens Correction: Automatic lens correction is now available to fix barrel and pincushion distortion inherent to many digital camera lenses.

• Snapshots: As you make adjustments to your photos, take snapshots of the image at any time, and then view or revert to any snapshot taken instantly.

• Dehaze Tool: The dehaze tool will instantly restore clarity to an image, improving the contrast, detail, and color previously lost behind the haze

• Skin Tune: ACDSee’s new Skin Tune tool takes all of the painstaking precision work out of correcting of skin tones in post-processing.

All of the latest ACDSee releases also offer:

• Photos Mode: Your entire collection at a glance, organized by date taken, with popup date markers.

• Collections: Group your photos in one place for a simple take on elaborate, highly complex organizing, and for easy searching.

• 4K Display Support: ACDSee’s new high DPI support provides uncompromising detail on your 4K monitors.


ACDSee Ultimate 9, Pro 9, and 19 are available online now at www.acdsee.com. Additional information including full system requirements can also be found on the website.

About ACD Systems

Founded in Texas in 1993 by imaging visionary Doug Vandekerkhove, ACD Systems is one of the largest and most respected independent digital editing and management companies in the world. Vandekerkhove foresaw the importance of the convergence of analog and digital (print, photos, scans, video, and metadata). The company’s products include ACDSee, and Canvas X, which helps Fortune 500 companies such as Caterpillar and Boeing enhance, manage, and disseminate their valuable digital assets. ACD Systems holds seven patents and and millions of ACDSee and Canvas X products are currently in use throughout the world.

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ACDSee Photography Cheat Sheet

2015-04-27 21:59:28 GMT

Want a few tips for your next photography adventure? Get a free Cheat Sheet when you purchase ACDSee Ultimate 8 or ACDSee Pro 8!

Check out the preview below:


ACD Systems Video

Get creative in ACDSee Pro 8 and Ultimate 8. Here is a short video tutorial to show you how you can use the Brush Tool!

Learn more about ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee Ultimate 8.


ACD Systems Video

Using Gradients with ACDSee Pro 8 and Ultimate 8

Here’s a quick look at how to use gradients and special effects to change the emotion of an image. In this video, we give an image verging on being a nightscape a bright daytime look.

Learn more about ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee Ultimate 8


Take Your Time

2015-02-03 00:08:14 GMT

It had become second nature to pull out my phone or DSLR and snap a quick pic of a sunset, a hug between friends, a striking landscape. However, due to the rapidness that I captured these images, they diminished not only quality, but also significance.

My computer folders were packed with hundreds of photos that had no real meaning to me, and were subpar images, at best. Because of the overwhelming amount of files, I overlooked those that had actual photographic value — it took so long to scour through the mess, that I usually gave up before I started.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes improving your photography skills doesn’t take a new lense or hours of practice, but rather taking time to observe, shoot, and appreciate the subject of your photo.

Maybe 2015 is the year that you organize those folders, and eliminate any undesirable images. Proper digital image management in the present could save you hours of frustration in the future.

When it comes to shooting your photographs, choose quality over quantity. Dedicate time to seeking out the scene you want to capture, and don’t settle for mediocre. Once you have your images, don’t be afraid to play with them — edit and tweak until you’re in love with the result.

Slow down, press pause, and spend some quality time with your camera and software.


Try ACDSee Ultimate 8 for the latest in digital image management and layered editing.